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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Devil / Mawang

Title: 마왕 (魔王) / Mawang
English title: The Devil
Also known as: Satan / Lucifier / Devil Times
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-21 to 2007-May-24
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Related shows:
Maou (TBS, 2008)


Joo Ji Hoon as Oh Seung Ha
Uhm Tae Woong as Kang Oh Soo
Shin Min Ah as Seo Hae In

PloT StoRy
When Homicide Detective Kang Oh Soo hit a dead end in his investigation of two seemly unrelated murders, except for the Tarot cards left behind at both crime scenes, he sought help from Seo Hae In, a woman with psychometry ability. She revealed that the killers were different in each murder, but the victims were chosen for their connection to a death of a high school boy. Later, the cases proved to have one more thing in common: the suspects have the same defense attorney, Oh Seung Ha.
Seung Ha's defense for his clients severely shaken Oh Soo’s conviction to catch the Tarot Card mastermind. Oh Soo was reminded that years ago he had killed a high school classmate in a fight. He was acquitted of all charges and began his life anew. Now, someone has came back to revenge the boy’s wrongful death by killing those who got him off.

SouNDTrack oR MP3
01. SarangHaji MaraYo ("Don't Love Me") - Love Theme, JK Kim Dong Uk
02. BitUi Hyangki ("The Scent of Light") - Park Hak Ki
03. DwitGeoreum - ("A Step Back") Main Theme - Bobby Kim & BugaKingz
04. HaruGa Gayo ("A Day is Gone") - Noel
05. Neol SarangHanabwa ("It Must Be Love") - Park Hak Ki
06. Mawang ("The Devil") - Seo Min Young
07. Neol SarangHanabwa ("It Must Be Love") - Orchestra Version, Park Hak Ki
08. BitUi Hyangki ("The Scent of Light") - Orchestra Version, Park Hak Ki
09. SarangHaji MaraYo ("Don't Love Me") - Orchestra Version, Yoo Hae Joon
10. Geojitdwen SaramDeul ("Lying People") - Lee Im Woo
11. BitUi Hyangki ("The Scent of Light") - Humming Version, Park Hak Ki
12. JetBit Mideum ("Grey Faith") - Seo Min Young
13. BitUi Suhoja ("The Guardian of Light") - Seo Woong Seok
14. Styx, JeungoUi Gang ("The River of Hatred") - Uhm Gi Yeop
15. Acheron, SeulpeumUi Gang ("The River of Sadness") - Uhm Gi Yeop
16. Jinshil Geim ("Truth or Dare") - Seo Woong Seok
17. SarangHaji Marajweo ("Please Don't Love Me") - Uhm Tae Woong

Download here--->The Devil / Mawang OST
Password--> cie-MawanG

Watch Online Here-->
The Devil (eng sub)

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